The perfect shirt for sophisticated and fashion-conscious men

Shirts by SCHIESSER are perfect for men who appreciate first-rate materials and maximum comfort in their modern business wear.

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SCHIESSER shirts combine stylish design with pleasant wearing comfort. The plain or patterned, classic or modern models meet your demands for comfortable business and leisure fashion.

The best material and the right cut for your well-being

The SCHIESSER shirts for men are made of 100% cotton and impress with excellent wearing characteristics. The natural fibers are soft and pleasant, breathable and easy to clean and iron. In addition to the material, the optimum wearing comfort also depends on the cut. Buy models with different cuts by SCHIESSER, so that you feel completely comfortable in your shirt.

  • Regular Fit:

    This is the classic cut for men's shirts. This runs straight with an approximately equal width at chest and waist. Regular Fit is an all-rounder, because this cut fits most men.

  • Comfort Fit:

    A shirt with this cut is a bit wider and offers a lot of freedom of movement. Stately men therefore prefer this form.

  • Slim Fit

    A waisted cut emphasizes the figure without sitting too tightly. Slim fit shirts look fashionable and are often worn by men with slim or normal physiques.

Find the right model for every occasion

The SCHIESSER range is very versatile. This means you can choose between classic, chic and casual men's shirts.

  • For business:

    In the office, models in plain colors or with discreet patterns are recommended. The classic business colors include white, light blue and light gray. Pastel colors such as cream and salmon may also work. With regard to the collar shape, you can choose a shirt with a Kent, shark or button-down collar.

  • For your free time:

    With a checked long sleeve or half sleeve shirt you are well dressed when shopping with your partner, on family excursions and many other leisure activities. Models with stripes or in fresh and trendy colors are also suitable for casual looks. In summer, polo shirts are an alternative to the short sleeved shirt.

  • For special occasions

    Simple shirts in white, black or gray are classics for elegant outfits. They look sophisticated and are reserved at the same time. So they make a perfect liaison with a chic jacket or elegant suit. If you wear a tie for a special occasion, a shirt with Kent collar is the right choice. This enables you to tie different tie knots due to its wide, pointed shape. You can also combine it with a bow tie.

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