Bra Size – How to Calculate Your Size

Always feel comfortable and confident! No more bras that constrict, chafe or slip out of place. Do you know the feeling of coming home immediately and wanting to get rid of your bra? Your well-being is our top priority. Discover helpful information and step-by-step instructions on how to calculate the right bra size.

These tips will make it easy for you to find the perfect bra in your size – one that not only fits perfectly, but also provides the support you deserve.

What Would You Like to Know?

Determine the Right Bra Size: How to Take Your Measurements

To determine the correct bra size, it is important to first take two measurements: the underbust measurement and the bust measurement. The underbust measurement is taken directly under the breast, while the bust measurement is taken at the widest part of the breast. These measurements can be used to determine the correct bra size using our size chart or calculator.

Measure the underbust measurement
Place the measuring tape directly under your chest. It should fit tightly, but only tight enough to allow you to breathe normally.

Measure the chest size
Place the measuring tape at the widest point. Make sure that it fits loosely and does not compress the breasts.

The size, fit and comfort can vary depending on the brand, so it’s worth measuring your size before making a purchase. You can recognise a well-fitting bra by the fact that it does not leave any pressure marks, the breasts are completely enclosed by the cups and the underbust band should be firm but not constricting.

Bra Size Calculator

Once you have measured your bust circumference and underbust measurement, you can enter them into our bra size calculator and find the right size for you.


Cross Sizes – Alternative Sizes if Your Bra Doesn’t Fit

Even if you have taken the right measurements and determined the right bra size, you may still have difficulties finding the ideal fit. However, we can reassure you that this is not uncommon. If you find that the bra does not fit properly, it is important to determine what the problem is. 

In case the underbust width is too loose or too tight or the cup is too large or too small, cross sizes can be a solution. These work as follows:

  • If the bra is too loose under the bust, you should choose a smaller size and increase the cup size by one letter. For example, if you measured 75D, try 70E instead.
  • If the bra is too tight under the bust, choose a larger size and a cup one letter smaller. For example, instead of 70D, you can try a bra size 75C.
  • If the cup is too large or small, adjust your cup size by one size smaller or larger and keep your underbust measurement the same. If we stay with the example of 70D, you can try 70C or 70E instead.

The Perfect Fit: How Your Bra Fits Correctly

  • Your bra fits properly if it does not slip when you wear it and does not cut in or pinch at any point.
  • For a secure fit, it is important that the cups enclose the breast properly. Your bra should also sit at the same height at the front and back.
  • The straps should sit parallel or slightly V-shaped at the back.
  • It is also important that the breasts sit well in the cups, even if you move your arms or upper body.

Signs That Your Bra Doesn’t Fit Properly

The cups are too small, the underbust band sticks out and doesn’t touch the ribcage.

The cups are too small, cut into the breast so that it swells over the top or side of the cup.

The cup size of your bra is too large, sticks out or wrinkles. The breast does not completely fill the cup.

The straps are too loose and slip over the shoulder.

The straps are too short and cut in.

The back part pulls upwards and does not offer proper support.

Wearing Your Bra Correctly

Now that you know how bra size is calculated and how a bra should fit properly, we’ll show you how to put it on correctly.

  • Always fasten new bras in the centre row of hooks so that you have room to adjust later if your circumference changes
  • Place your breasts in the cups so that they enclose them perfectly
  • Adjust your straps individually until they are comfortable and support your breasts. They should be adjusted firmly but not too tightly
  • The underbust band should run straight and parallel to the floor

Different Bra Types for Different Breast Shapes

The variety of bra types reflects the unique diversity of women’s body shapes and allows women to find bras that are not only comfortable, but also fit their needs and different breast shapes. There are plenty of options specifically designed to emphasise, shape and support different breast shapes. Below you will find information on common bra types:

  • Underwired bra – this classic bra has moulded underwires integrated into the cups and helps to support and lift the breast from underneath. The cups can be padded, lined or moulded.
  • Bra without underwire – this bra has no integrated underwires. This is particularly recommended if you find the classic metal underwires uncomfortable.
  • Bustier – This variant is very soft and fits your bust perfectly thanks to its high stretch content.
  • Balconette bra – this type of bra offers a deep and straight cut that pushes the breasts upwards and creates a fuller décolleté
  • Triangle bra – this is a bra with triangular cups, which usually come without padding or underwiring and therefore offer a natural look
  • Minimiser bra – this bra is particularly suitable for large cup sizes. Soft cups are often used here to make a large bust appear smaller.
  • Push-up bra – designed to lift and visually enlarge breasts. This is often done with padded cups and an integrated push-up effect.
  • Bralette – lightweight, non-wired bra that is primarily designed for comfort. It is suitable for small to medium bust sizes and can even be worn as a top.
  • Soft bra – this is a non-wired bra and is mainly made of soft material. Ideal for maximum comfort during everyday activities
  • Bra vest – combines the functions of a bra and a vest. It covers the upper body and provides breast support and shaping at the same time
  • Sports bra – supports the breasts during physical activity by providing firm support and minimising movement. This bra is mostly made of breathable and elastic materials

To ensure you have a perfectly fitting bra, it is important to determine the right bra size, know the right fit, and be aware of the different bra types for your own breast shape. The wrong bra size or an ill-fitting bra can not only be uncomfortable but also cause long-term health problems.
It is therefore worth investing time and effort in choosing the perfect bra to ensure comfort and support. In our shop and stores you will find a variety of different bras for different breast sizes and shapes.

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