Women's outerwear

Outerwear for women who prefer to be surrounded by the best SCHIESSER quality all the time.

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Outerwear for women who prefer to relax in the best quality

Everyone knows: a stressful day in close-fitting business clothes makes you long for comfortable outerwear. And what is nicer than getting out of a blouse, dress, or pants after work and swapping them for a casual top, soft long-sleeved shirt, or a super cozy hoody? And preferably in the best SCHIESSER quality, without sacrificing current design and your very personal style. Modern women love to enjoy their individual moments of wellness in first class materials, casual cuts, and durable woven materials. And like all SCHIESSER products, our outerwear is made just along these lines.

Out with the everyday, in with the home spa oasis

Whether a popular tank top, women's shirts in modern styles and colors, or a lightweight spaghetti top, women's outerwear from SCHIESSER offers a range of products all with the same goal: creating feel-good moments. This could be an extended relaxing weekend, a well-deserved weekday evening, when romping and cuddling with the family, or when perusing lovely magazines. From the very first time SCHIESSER outerwear touches their skin, discerning women will feel the results of our loving fabrication, creating personal moments of relaxation at any time.