Pajamas for Men

With pajamas for men from SCHIESSER, you'll find a suitable style for every need. Whether short or long pants and tops, we always make sure that our products meet your high-quality needs. See for yourself!

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Relaxing nights in pajamas for men

At night you find a bit of space from the experiences of everyday life. The body settles down and has the chance to recharge its batteries. Thoughts are ordered and new information can be processed in peace. This requires a good and restful night's sleep. A relaxed evening and a comfortable bed are just as beneficial as a comfortable set of men's pajamas. SCHIESSER only uses first-class materials to produce its nightwear, which feel so pleasant on your skin as soon as you slip into the pajamas. Whether short or long sleeves, you have the choice among completely different colors, patterns and cuts for the men's pajamas. Calm nights and a vital start to the new day aren't a problem any longer!

How to find the perfect pajamas for men

Men's pajamas short or long?

Depending on your individual preferences, you can choose the matching pajamas for men:

  • Long pajamas:

    If you are looking for a pair of pajamas for men to warm you up on cold winter days, you should choose a set with long legs and long sleeves. Materials such as terry or flannel feel particularly soft and cuddly. Cuffs on arms and legs also provide a secure hold and prevent the pajamas from slipping during the night.

  • Short pajamas:

    Are you more of a free-air type or do you need to cool off on hot summer nights? Then choose a short pair of bottoms and a matching short-sleeved top. You can't go wrong with a fabric made of pure cotton: If you tend to sweat at night, the material is great for wicking moisture reliably. It feels very pleasant on the skin and is not scratchy. Jersey is also ideally suited for close-fitting textiles like pajamas, because it regulates your temperature and is breathable.

  • Nightgshirts:

    Alternatively, you have the option of using traditional nightshirts for men.

Visual details

As a man, you should attach importance to the look of your outfit not only during the day but also at night. You'll see: You'll sleep all the better if you're well-dressed! At SCHIESSER, you can choose the men's pajamas that you like best from our extensive range. From the classic crewneck to the V neckline to the button placket, the nightwear range from SCHIESSER knows no bounds. All men's pajamas are made of fine fabrics and processed to a high standard in order to offer you pleasant wearing comfort.

If you wish, you can also put together your own set of pajamas from individual shirts and pants.