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The world needs more originals. Distinctive and authentic. They're leaders, not followers. Originals change the world.

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Experiences help form your character and shape the person behind it. Over the years, you've learned a few things. Especially that you're fine just the way you are. You don't need to pretend, you're aware of your strengths and also your little weaknesses – and it's exactly these that make a man attractive. SCHIESSER Revival is for men who are in the middle of life and know exactly what they want.


  • fine rib & double rib underwear for men now
  • Undershirts and shirts in a retro design
  • Pullovers and sweaters with classic fits

Retro underwear for men: originals for originals

The success story of the traditional SCHIESSER brand began in 1875. Since then, generations have put their trust in the finest quality and experienced craftsmanship. To this day, our company dresses men who place the highest demands on their underwear. With our Revival collection, we're reviving successful earlier models from our fine-rib and double-rib underwear as classics.

Fine-rib underwear for men: quality without lots of frills

Underwear should above all do one thing: fit well and be comfortable. Whether for long days at the office, mountain bike tours or romantic dinners. Fine-rib underwear for men ensures that you feel completely comfortable in your skin in every situation. The reason for this is materials such as the finest cotton, which not only guarantee an incomparably delicate feel, but also allow natural air circulation on your skin.

Less is more: double-rib underwear for men

You would like the Friedrich model in white if fussy details and fleeting trends are not for you. You like it straightforward, simple, but very high quality as well. Our double rib underwear for men offers you just that: classic cuts and designs that focus on fit, comfort and quality. Our range of double-rib underwear for men includes:

  • Undershirts and tank tops
  • Boxer shorts with fly
  • Briefs in various cuts

Sweaters and knitted pullovers: cuddly soft classics

However SCHIESSER Revival doesn't just include retro underwear, but also high-quality outerwear for men. The green knitted sweater or the dark blue Nils half-knit sweater can be wonderfully combined with cool jeans and sneakers for everyday wear. Together they combine timeless design and the highest wearing comfort in an optimal fashion. But Revival knitwear is also suitable for more official occasions: try one of our sweaters with a white shirt underneath, together with light-colored fabric pants and a pair of fabric shoes. A casual business outfit is complete.

Casual loungewear for men who like it uncomplicated

You can also find fashionable loungewear at SCHIESSER Revival, like our casual jogging pants with a feel-good guarantee. Classic colors like navy and khaki can be combined particularly well with the collection's tops and ensure that you also cut a good figure on the sofa at home and feel like a million bucks in your skin.

Do you have better things to do than to buy fine rib and double rib underwear for men in crowded shopping malls after work? Fortunately, you can shop for SCHIESSER classics in a way that's more in keeping with the times. Discover our online shop and simply load up your shopping basket with your favorites. With just a few clicks, they're ordered. You can then try them on at home in peace and decide on your new retro favorites for your underwear drawer.

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