SCHIESSER seamless underwear for men: as good as invisible

With tight-fitting clothing, the outlines of underwear worn under your clothes can become easily visible. This is mostly because seams used in standard underwear join the individual components of the garment to prevent them from fraying at the interfaces. SCHIESSER seamless underwear for men from the Laser Cut collection solves the problem of visible seams thanks to its innovative technology. Technical perfection for an invisible design and maximum comfort.


Can’t be felt, can’t be seen


Ultra lightweight material


Stretchy fine rib

✔ Can’t be felt, can’t be seen

✔ Ultra lightweight material

✔ Stretchy fine rib

Laser Cut technology – seamless underwear for men

Seamless underwear for men is a real problem solver and belongs in any wardrobe. With our invisible underwear, you won’t see a seam under tight-fitting tops, chic business shirts and trousers – it’s all thanks to the Laser Cut process. The resulting extra-flat openings of our seamless underpants and seamless undershirts for men don’t cut unpleasantly into your skin. With our Laser Cut collection, you don’t have to miss out on the usual SCHIESSER comfort you’ve come to expect from our underwear for men.

Invisible men’s undershirt without seams

In addition to its invisible seams, the seamless undershirt for men with short sleeves is characterized by a deep V-neck. This allows you to wear this underwear perfectly underneath shirts without the undershirt showing at the neck. In addition, it has an ideal length and is cut neither too short nor too long. These are further plus points for our seamless underwear, which is the perfect invisible addition to any smart outfit. In order for you to be able to pair virtually any top with our seamless undershirts, we offer a selection of different colors in our Online Shop. Order your seamless underwear for men in your size right here and be impressed by the high quality and pleasant comfort of our seamless undershirts.

Seamless boxer shorts for men: invisible underwear that fits like a second skin

We don’t just apply our innovative laser-cut technology to undershirts. In our Online Shop, you’ll also find Laser Cut briefs for men. These seamless underpants don’t stand out in any way under the fabric of your pants. They fit like a second skin without constricting you or cutting into your skin. These seamless briefs for men offer maximum comfort and an optimal fit. You can easily order your own seamless boxers and briefs directly online. Just try them out and be inspired by this new generation of underpants.

Super-soft material for maximum comfort all day long

This invisible underwear for men from SCHIESSER is made from cotton and spandex. High cotton content ensures these seamless undershirts and briefs for men are durable and long-lasting. The blended fabric with spandex has the advantage of containing particularly tear-resistant fibers, allowing the underwear to retain its ideal fit. In addition, this keeps the material wrinkle-free. Tight-fitting, stretchy and pleasantly soft on the skin; these properties best describe the material of our invisible underwear for men. Both our seamless underpants for men and seamless undershirts are made from this material. Our seamless underwear for men isn’t just the perfect underwear for any outfit; it also impresses with its ultra-lightweight interlock quality, which ensures incomparable comfort. This makes our invisible underwear for men an absolute must-have for all those who are both bothered by visible seams and want the highest level of comfort.