The Bra Consultant

Which bra is right for you? The SCHIESSER bra consultant will tell you

For many women, their bra is a daily companion. That’s why it’s all the more important for your bra to fit perfectly and to support your breasts to the best of its ability. No other piece of clothing has as much influence on whether a woman feels comfortable or not. That’s why it’s so important to us to be able to offer you the perfect bra or bustier. But buying a bra without on-site advice? With the SCHIESSER bra guide you can easily determine your perfect fit online, find out about the different bra types and order your perfect bra directly from our online store.

Find your perfect size

The first step to a comfortable bra is choosing the right size. For optimal support, cups and underbust band should be neither too big nor too small. Your ideal bra size depends on two dimensions. You can easily measure these on your own. All you need is a tape measure to measure your chest and underbust size. To measure, it’s best to stand in front of a mirror and make sure that the measuring tape lies flat against your skin and doesn’t twist when you’re wrapping it around you. It should also not cut into the body when you’re measuring. So try holding it loosely and measure your chest size and underbust width.

You can now read which bra size you are based on your measurements using our size chart below. Or you can simply enter the determined values in the fields below on your computer. Our bra consultant will then automatically calculate the best bra size for you.

Frau in weißem Basic-BH

Like it’s made for me:
Bras that fit me.

Zwei Frauen in schwarzem Bustier und weißem BH

80B or 75C? When determining your bra size, two measurements are crucial.
You can easily measure both yourself – with or without help. Please pay attention to the following:

Chest size

Lay the measuring tape
horizontally at the largest
part of the breast around the body.

Underbust measurement

Measure directly underneath
your breasts, ensuring that the
measuring tape is not too tight.

Check your bra size by comparing your readings with our size chart.
And now you’re one step closer to having found the right one.

Chest size
Sizes Cup AA Cup A Cup B Cup C Cup D Cup E Cup F Cup G
63 — 67 65 75 — 76 77 — 78 79 — 80 81 — 82 83 — 85
68 — 72 70 80 — 81 82 — 83 84 — 85 86 — 87 88 — 89 90 — 92 92 — 93 94 — 96
73 — 77 75 85 — 86 87 — 88 89 — 90 91 — 92 93 — 94 95 — 96 97 — 98 99 — 101
78 — 82 80 90 — 91 92 — 93 94 — 95 96 — 97 98 — 99 100 — 101 102 — 103 104 — 106
83 — 87 85 95 — 96 97 — 98 99 — 100 101 — 102 103 — 104 105 — 106 107 — 108 109 — 111
88 — 92 90 100 — 101 102 — 103 104 — 105 106 — 107 108 — 109 110 — 111 112 — 113 114 — 116
93 — 97 95 105 — 106 107 — 108 109 — 110 111 — 112 113 — 114 115 — 116 117 — 118 119 — 121
98 — 102 100 112 — 113 114 — 115 116 — 117 118 — 119 120 — 121 122 — 123 124 — 126
103 — 107 105 117 — 118 119 — 120 121 — 122 123 — 124 125 — 126 127 — 128 129 — 131
108 — 112 110 124 — 125 126 — 127 128 — 129 130 — 131 132 — 133 134 — 136
113 — 117 115 129 — 130 131 — 132 133 — 134 135 — 136 137 — 138 139 — 141
118 — 122 120 134 — 135 136 — 137 138 — 139 140 — 141 142 — 143 144 — 146

A perfectly fitting bra

The most important measurement for finding a perfectly fitting bra: your comfort

Der BH-Berater - Sitz

The next step on the way to comfortably wearing your bra is finding an optimal fit for your support garment.

“How can I find a comfortable bra?” is a question you’ll never have to ask yourself in the future. With our assistance, you can easily become your own bra consultant! In the following pictures you can see a perfectly fitting bra and what you should avoid when looking for a properly fitting bra.

The cups are too small, the underbust band is pushed away from the rib cage.

The cups are too small and pin into the breast.

The cups are too big and stand up or form folds.

Your bra should sit at the same height along the back and front; it should not slip when worn nor should it pin or press at any point. It’s important that the breast has the best possible hold.

The straps are too loose and slip off the shoulder.

The straps are set too short and cut into your skin.

The back pulls up and does not provide a good hold.

Perfection through cross sizes

Frau in weißem BH Ansicht von Hinten

A small difference compared to your standard sizes. And a big one in comfort.

Drei Frauen in schwarzen und weißen Basic-BHs und Slips

The size is right, but the fit of the bra not so much? If that’s the case, try cross sizes. These can help if the cups are the wrong size or the underband is too tight or too wide.

Cross size example

To ensure full comfort: put on the bra properly

So that your bra not only feels good. But really good.

Putting the bra on improperly can also prevent you from enjoying full comfort. As such, here you’ll find an overview that includes the three most important points that you should take into account when looking for a properly fitting bra.

If you keep these points in mind, it will be easy for you to find the right fit for your bra.

Always fasten new bras using the middle row of hooks.

Place your breast in the cup so that it’s perfectly surrounded.

Adjust the straps individually until they rest comfortably.

Frau in weißem Unterwäsche-Set aus BH und Slip

Proper care

Der BH-Berater - Pflege

What makes long-lasting relationships?
The right level of care.

Our bra consultant has a few tips on how to care for your bras:



Wash bras with bra bones, underwire and cup bras with mild liquid detergent by hand. Underwire and cupless bras can be washed in the washing machine with liquid mild detergent (delicate program with low spin rate, maximum 30°). Fasten bra and use mesh bag.


Always hang to dry – never use the dryer.


Do not invert or fold the cups, but place them one behind the other by gently turning the connector crosswise. Store in the drawer with socks, for example.

As a rule, please always observe the wash and care instructions on the product.

Care instructions

Hand wash

No bleach

Do not put in dryer

Do not iron

Do not dry clean

The right bra for any occasion

Der BH-Berater - Serien

Bras come in a wide variety of styles and designs. What are the differences between the bras? Which one is particularly good for small breasts? Which one offers the best support for a large bust size? In short: which bra for which breast? In order to help you keep track of all the different kinds and to perfectly round off our online bra advice, we’ve made a summary of all the various benefits of each bra type for you in a practical bra finder. Simply select the type of bra you’re interested in. Our online shop allows you to easily order any kind of bra and get your new feel-good bra delivered directly to your home.

The supportive one

Underwire bra – the supportive one: it’s all in the name. Underwire bras support the chest from below thanks to an embedded underwire. This is the difference between an underwire and a cup bra. The underwires create natural cleavage. Due to their particularly supportive function, underwire bras are also ideal for large breasts.

The lifter

For maximum curves. Push-up bras emphasize your feminine figure and create amazing cleavage. Push-up bras gently press the breasts upwards using built-in pads. This makes breasts look fuller. You can easily make it look like you’re one or two cup sizes bigger with a push-up bra, especially with small breasts.

The versatile one

The quick-change artist of bras. Its variable straps can be positioned differently, so that Vario bras fit any neckline perfectly. Thanks to these flexible straps, this type is particularly suitable underneath tops with atypical back cut-outs or cut-outs along the shoulders.

The inconspicuous one

A little discretion, please. A T-shirt bra’s special feature? Thanks to its seamlessly shaped cups, it doesn’t stand out. This distinguishes the T-shirt bra from the underwire bra, making it the perfect companion under tight shirts and blouses.

The soft one

This is where comfort comes into play. Soft bras are wire-free and are characterized by their extra-lightweight cups. That makes them particularly soft and cuddly. For an extra soft feel all day long. Soft bras feel very natural and still offer a pleasant feeling of support, especially for small breasts.

The sporty one

Looking for a training partner? Sports bras are breathable, provide optimal support for any type of workout and relieve the connective tissue with its special functional cuts.

The uncomplicated one

So comfortable. Just like a shirt, but with a little more support. Bustier bras are characterized by the fact that they’re particularly comfortable and uncomplicated; this is due to the fact that they don’t need any hooks or clasps.