Overview of bra types: the following models are specifically designed to fit your figure

What is the difference between a cup bra and an underwired bra? Aren’t bustier and soft bra somehow the same thing?
In order not to lose track of the large selection of different models, you will find all our models with their most important features in our bra guide.
our models with their most important features. This way, we can find your new feel-good model together.

What Types Are Available?

Cup Bra: The Classic with High Support

The cup bra is the classic among bras. It has straps and a hook fastening, but above all it has stable cups and shaping underwires made of thin wire. The crescent-shaped underwires are sewn into the material, the ends are flattened and covered with plastic so that they do not interfere.

They support the breasts and shape the décolleté. Cup bras offer good support, especially for larger sizes. The nature of the cups makes them opaque; if they are also made without lace, they are ideal as a T-shirt bra for every day.

• Shape-retaining cups

• Shaping underwires

• Perfect as a T-shirt bra

A little tip: A sand-coloured T-shirt bra is the best choice for white clothing if you want it to remain invisible under your clothes.

By the way: All the wires we use in our bras are nickel-free.

Underwired Bra: The Natural One with Medium Support

As the name suggests, an underwired bra naturally also has underwires, straps and a hook fastening. Like the cup bra, it is particularly suitable for larger cups. The larger the cup size, the wider the straps at SCHIESSER to avoid cutting into the shoulders. Many cup and underwired bras have side stays that give your bust additional support.

Unlike cup bras, the fabric of the cups in underwired bras is moulded but does not retain its shape. This is why delicate looks such as transparent lace can also be found here. An underwired bra gives your breasts a natural shape, but cannot reliably prevent your nipples from showing.

• Soft cups without shape-retaining shell

• Shaping underwires

• Ideal for large sizes

Spacer Bra: Breathable Comfort for Every Day

A spacer bra is often offered as a cup or underwired bra. It is therefore not characterised by its cut, but by its material. Spacer fabric is multi-layered and three-dimensional – making it very stable, but also very light and breathable thanks to its structure. This is why it is usually used in bras with high support, as it provides additional support for larger breasts and is comfortable to wear at the same time.

• Dimensionally stable, lightweight fabric

• Very breathable

• Additional comfort for large cup sizes

Bralette & Soft Bra: Gentle Support in Many Variations

Bras without underwires are becoming increasingly popular because they are considered to be particularly comfortable: no annoying wire that can cut into the skin. This makes them very soft and cosy, but they also offer less support. Underwired soft bras usually have a hook fastening, adjustable straps and moulded, padded cups. Some models are also equipped with removable pads.

If, on the other hand, the cups are only moulded and not padded, you will probably know this type of soft bra as a „bralette“. They are often available in feminine lace designs and are as practical as they are comfortable with adjustable straps and a hook fastening, especially for smaller cup sizes.

• Non-iron finish

• Available in many variations and cuts

• Ideal for smaller cup sizes

Bustier: Sporty on the Go in Everyday Life

Wait a minute – how do soft bras actually differ from bustiers? It’s simple: you simply pull the bustier over your head as it doesn’t have a fastening. Their straps are often adjustable and many models have removable pads. So you can decide for yourself how you feel most comfortable: If you want a little more discretion, simply leave the pads in. Bustiers offer you light support with full freedom of movement. They are therefore suitable for relaxed days at home as well as for hiking trips, pilates, yoga or even strength training

• Non-iron finish

• Without fastener

• Maximum freedom of movement

A little tip: If you want to reinsert pads that have been removed, first look at the inside of the pads: many have markings that tell you how round you need to reinsert them, as most pads are specially tailored to the respective model. Then roll up the pads to make it easier to get them through the opening.

Bra Shirt: The Hybrid of a Bra and a Top

A bra top is a strappy top with moulded cups, sometimes with removable pads. This offers you a great 2-in-1 option: light support without an extra bra or bustier. It is perfect for wearing under a blouse, jumper or longsleeve.

• 2-in-1 shirt and bra

• Without fastening

• Perfect to wear underneath

Sports Bra: Support for All Activities

Depending on the type of sport, a sports bra needs to offer you more or less support: You need more support for jogging than for yoga. Logical. So if you need a bra for intensive sports, you should choose one with a lot of support. Good indicators of this are moulded cups with a covering fit that fully enclose your breasts; a cut that relieves pressure; wide, adjustable straps that don’t cut in; and a hook fastening that allows you to adjust the width to suit you.

Your sports bra should also be made of soft, stretchy and breathable material so that it doesn’t restrict you and wicks away moisture well.

For gentle sports such as yoga or Pilates, you can choose soft bustiers as described above, which do not restrict you and offer you full freedom of movement.

• Relieving cut and wide, adjustable straps

• Stretchy and breathable material

• Ideal for active activities

Tips on Bra Size, the Right Fit and Appropriate Care

Important: When buying a bra, make sure you determine your correct size so that nothing pinches, slips or squeezes. In our bra guide, you will find tips on how to check whether your bra fits correctly or whether you should try a different size.

In our magazine, we tell you how to wash and care for your bra or bustier or even how to repair them. After all, we want you to enjoy our tops for a long time. If you still have any questions: Our trained staff on site will help you to find the top that fits you and in which you can feel completely comfortable. Every day.

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