Schiesser Underwear ABCs

What’s the difference between fine rib and single jersey?  What does silk finish mean and what exactly is TENCELTM?  You can learn all that and much more by checking out our Underwear ABCs – from A to Z, tucks, yarn and everything in between.


A hem is a rolled-up and attached edge of fabric that protects the raw edge from becoming frayed.  SCHIESSER tends to use decorative hems especially for nightwear, e.g. a rolled hem as a pretty edging on a women’s nightdress or children’s nightwear.


Interlock is a fine knitted fabric in jersey quality with a very dense, double-sided interlocking stitches.  The compact fabric can be made of both natural and synthetic fibers and is characterized by a soft, low stretch texture.

Herren Shirt blau mit V-Ausschnitt und Laser Cut Abschlüssen


Jacquard is the name for a large, decorative pattern that gives fabrics a distinguished, elegant character.

BH und Slip von Schiesser in Jacquard Optik


Jersey is the generic term for a soft, stretchy knitwear, which got its name from the British Channel Island Jersey, where the fabric was first produced. Both natural and synthetic fibers can be processed into jersey fabric – in many cases also as a blended fabric in the classic cotton/elastane ratio, such as in the popular SCHIESSER series 95/5SCHIESSER mainly processes light, single jersey fabrics, thicker heavy Jersey or very high-quality, dense interlock Jersey.

Herren Unterhemden aus Organic Cotton in weiß von SCHIESSER


Layering or layered look describes a garment processing in which one or more layers are worn on top of each other.  Either a short-long style is possible or the interplay of different fabric characteristics, such as a transparent and an opaque layer. SCHIESSER uses layering in the leisure sector and in sleepwear.  Often, two layers of fabric in different colors are sewn together at key points such as the neckline or sleeves, giving a modern look to casual loungewear, for example. 

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Linen is a natural fiber obtained from the flax plant.  As one of the oldest cultivated plants, linen has been used for several millennia to make clothing and gives textiles a very natural character.  The fibre is characterised by its high dimensional stability, durability and cooling effect, which in the typical “exclusive wrinkling” is also very dirt-resistant. SCHIESSER uses linen mainly in the fashionable daywear sector.  Predominantly as a blended fabric in combination with fine cotton, the material symbolizes both naturalness and originality and is therefore the ideal fabric for the exclusive Revival collection.


Lingerie (French  = underwear) is a collective term for fine day and nightwear.  What characterizes lingerie are fine materials such as silk or the highest quality cotton as well as delicate embroidery and lace. 
SCHIESSER offers a variety of enchanting lingerie which promises not only a sophisticated look but also the highest level of comfort. 

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A longsleeve is a shirt with long sleeves.  The term is composed of the English terms long=long and sleeve=sleeves.
Compared to a pullover, this shirt is frequently sewn from a thinner fabric and can be worn as a classic undershirt on cooler days or worn casually with jeans.

LLangarm Shirt schwarz


Mercerizing refers to a textile finishing process for cotton that was developed in the 19th century by Englishman John Mercer.  The naturally ribbon-like cotton fibres are dipped into a special caustic soda solution and then pulled taut.The result is a smooth surface that reflects incoming light and thus radiates a lasting, subtle shine. Mercerized cotton absorbs color very well, makes it shine brilliantly and renders the entire garment washable, boil-proof and shrink-proof.

SCHIESSER uses mercerized cotton both in the classic underwear sector and in fashionable day and sleepwear.  For example, briefs, undershirts or T-shirts are given an unusually high-quality character thanks to these refined fibers, making a simple piece of clothing something very special. 

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Merzerisieren - Verfahren

Meryl® Nexten

Meryl® Nexten is a polyamide fiber from the company “Nylstar” and is a synthetic fiber Unlike standard polyamides, this product is lighter and absorbs moisture even better.  This material, which belongs to the category of micro-fabrics due to its very fine structure, is easy-care, breathable and has a slight melange look. SCHIESSER uses Meryl® Nexten exclusively for sleepwear.
As with all materials used, Meryl® Nexten fibers at SCHIESSER are subject to a strict testing procedure and comply with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 So you can always be sure to feel nothing but the best underwear quality on your Skin!