Schiesser Underwear ABCs

What’s the difference between fine rib and single jersey?  What does silk finish mean and what exactly is TENCELTM?  You can learn all that and much more by checking out our Underwear ABCs – from A to Z, tucks, yarn and everything in between.


Tulle is a net-like fabric produced using a special lace-making machine.  The so-called bobinet machine produces a honeycomb-like structure from various raw materials, which, depending on the material, is used for purely decorative or functional purposes.
At SCHIESSER tulle is occasionally used in the fashionable daywear sector, for example to give children’s articles a fine detail.  But the fabric is also used in bras: wrapped in delicate tulle, bra cups are given an exceptionally soft surface and thus feel particularly soft and pleasant on the skin.


The French term velour literally means “velvet” and differs only in its length of pile. Like velvet, velour has a plush texture and an even, slightly shiny appearance.


Velvet is a uniform, shade-casting pile fabric made of cotton, silk, polyester, polyamide or other synthetic fibers. So-called genuine velvet or warp velvet has a fixed ground warp and a loose pile warp. The pile warp is cut open, combed, brushed, shorn and sanded. Velvet textiles are soft and supple but sensitive to pressure. Velvet may not be ironed, rather it must be steamed.

Vichy pattern

 A Vichy pattern is used to designate a contrasting checkered fabric, with one of the two colors usually being white.  The worldwide popular pattern has a very long tradition and at the latest thanks to the style icon Brigitte Bardot, Vichy checkered plaid found its firm place in the fashion world.  The French actress got married in 1959 wearing the Vichy check look and made it socially acceptable since then.
SCHIESSER uses Vichy checkered fabrics in the fashionable day and nightwear range, where they give both ladies’ and children’s articles a touch of French charm. 


Viscose is a synthetic fiber of natural origin, which has established itself in the underwear sector thanks to its silky sheen and good cleaning properties.  The fiber obtained from cellulose was originally intended to replace silk and is therefore often referred to as artificial silk. Textiles made of viscose are characterised by a delicate shimmer, but in contrast to real silk they are much easier to care for.
At SCHIESSER, viscose is mainly processed as a blended fabric in combination with cotton and gives ladies’ day or nightwear a refined character.

SCHIESSER Spaghetti-Top in naturweiß mit Polyesteranteil aus der Personal Fit Serie


Vita is a state of the art yarn made from 100% recycled nylon.  The so-called ECONYL® yarn is produced in Italy in a complex process.  Here, mainly textile materials that have reached the end of their life cycle are physically broken down and recycled.  The result is not only impressive, but also provides excellent product properties: Fashion made from Vita yarn is particularly chlorine-resistant, sun cream and oil-resistant, and low-pilling.  Due to its very good opacity, the material also promises reliable UV protection.  All good reasons why SCHIESSER uses Vita in swimwear.  As a modern company we are making an important ecological contribution with the Vita swimsuit and thus consciously support sustainable production in the textile industry.


Yarn two or more threads twisted around each other. Fabrics made from twisted yarns are smoother, more even and more tear-resistant than fabrics made from single threads and therefore also have a more valuable appearance, which justifies the higher price due to the more complex production.